ANRA [Attingal Non-Resident Association of Attingal]


   Polimel Building Near Municipal office Attingal
 Phone No 04703203828

 Web site

  Mr. Sampath Kumar
  PB No-45074
  Eswar Engineering LLC
  Abu Dhabi
  Mr. Shefi SM
  PB No 2840
  Al Mansoor Enterprises
  Abu Dhabi
  Mr. Prasanna Kumaran Nair
  PB No 877
  Abu Dhabi
Vice President
  Mr. Hussain A. K. L
  PB No 2760
  Bin Sagar Group
  Abu Dhabi

  • To plan implement programs and schemes for the welfare and benefit of the members & families and to address and devise solutions to their problems.
  • To provide all assistance to members for taking up matters concerning them with the Governments of Kerala/India and other institutions and organizations in India.
  • To evolve strategies for the resettlement and reintegration of members returning to back to native place.
  • To give a thrust to the industrial/commercial development of the Attingal by diverting the memberís resources and expertise in association with the local residents and local business entrepreneurs. Set up projects, ventures and enterprises in the town of Attingal.



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